This past week has gone by really fast, its been fruitful for me as I finally wrote my 2nd post, been working on setting up this website, doing a lot of reading up trying to understand how to set up my website and make it easy on the eye. However the searing heat in Bangalore is quite energy sapping and as always I  look forward to my weekends. I love the weekends although for me the weekend begins from Friday afternoons when I like to catch up with friends over good food and great conversation followed by a beauty treatment either a pedicure, facial or a  massage. Puts me in a great mood. Some people have their weekends packed with activity and some like to recoup from the week that went past. I like my Saturdays nice and easy. Mornings are spent savoring my coffee, sometimes its breakfast out at a café, mornings spent catching up on my reading or catching up with the gardener on stuff that needs to be tended to in my lil balcony and terrace container garden and evenings are spent going for a visit to the park with my toddler and once she is in bed I like to catch up on a movie with my husband. Sundays is time for family out visiting my mom or at home playing with my daughter and eating our together. So I hope you all are  having a lovely time unwinding or doing activities that give you joy. Happy Weekend Everyone. Here are some pictures for weekend inspiration: coffee












reading nook                              reading nook 1

















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