Becoming An Early Riser



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My new year goals this year was to become an early riser and I can now say that I have finally managed to achieve that. I used wake up around 7.30 earlier, but now I try and wake up before 6 am and I feel so good about it. Nothing else may have changed but it has just had a positive impact on my psyche. Waking up early means I m at the gym earlier and done with my workout before the routines of the day take over. There are a number of benefits of waking  up early but here are the  ones I really like  :

Winning Habits : Most successful people are very often early risers. From Obama to Darwin, Ivanka Trump, Robin Sharma, Indra Nooyi, Tim Cook, Benjamin Franklin to Richard Branson and many more CEO’s,World Leaders, Stars and achievers who  are all early risers. It must be that stronger inner voice, the winner mind-set  which tells them to get out of bed instead of making excuses to themselves. Although this doesn’t mean they all get less sleep, they just plan their days such that they get to bed earlier and on time so they can get up early literally seize the day.

Getting More Time : Getting things done on my daily to do list really gives me such a high and it gets done faster when I have woken up early, when I have a late start in the morning I’m already running behind time, which I just hate. I read somewhere that when one wakes up an hour earlier each morning they gain 15 days in a year. Just that thought is enough to get me up and going. Too much to achieve and a life to be lived to be sleeping.

Getting Active : The best thing about waking up early is that I can hit the gym and work on my body which really has been tough for me coz  when I leave it for later in the day I end up skipping my workout altogether. Its one thing that makes me feel good, I feel like wow I m doing something positive and healthy for me. And I’ve  already accomplished so much in my day when I’ve worked out early in the morning.

Getting organised : Early rising gives me time to go about my day calmly. I have time to have a peaceful shower, wash and blow dry my hair, put on my makeup, choose my outfit and put on my accessories and get to my meetings well in time without having to dash around because I’m running late. Invariably I would have forgotten something that can make my look better. I end up harried and rushed and feeling less than confident because I’ve rushed to my meeting, got stuck in traffic and therefore I’m late, which basically makes me look tardy. I just dislike this whole rushed scenario! Instead getting to work, knowing you’re well put together and having an whole hour of quiet time in the office before everyone arrives just gets things done faster. It also gives you time to map out your day at work, plan better and get tasks accomplished.

So  If you haven’t already started to rise early, start tomorrow morning and be the early bird that gets that worm.

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