Hi Folks its Wellness Wednesday and today I want to talk about making small lifestyle or dietary changes that in the long run lead to big health benefits. In the midst of our busy days and hectic evenings we can get caught up and we let things slide. I think its important to try and assess our food and lifestyle regularly and do your own research first and make a change for a healthier option. Of course if your already there then it isn’t required but if you know you could make changes to your diet and lifestyle that would benefit you then you must do it right away. There is no time like the present to start.

Here are some of the changes I ve made the last few years to my diet.

  1. Reducing my sugar intake –  About 4 years ago I stopped adding sugar in my tea and now I cant really enjoy a cup of tea with sugar in it unless its the strong Indian Masala Tea. I don’t miss it at all. That one small change has made a difference to me over the years, I don’t have a sugar craving and it has helped me reduce my sugar intake.  However I just cant seem to drink the regular filter coffee without sugar yet, so its good that I prefer tea to coffee.
  2. Green Tea – A while ago  I started to drink a cup of green tea everyday, there are days when I end up skipping it but usually I do have a cup or two. Now we all know that green tea has a ton of benefits not the least of it being rich in antioxidants.
  3. Organic Milk –  I also moved over to add skimmed milk in my tea and not the regular full fat milk. Yes I know of both the Pro full fat and the pro skimmed milk lobbies, however I have recently made another change in that area, I’ve managed to access organic Milk this past month, and we’ve now switched over to Organic Milk.
  4. Rock Salt – Earlier this year we changed over to rock salt instead of the refined salt. There are a number of articles which say that there are no major benefits to rock salt over regular table salt. However Rock salt has a number of trace elements in it including Magnesium, Zinc, Copper etc. I for one  prefer rock salt over the iodised refined salt.
  5. Lemon Water – Every morning I drink a glass of lemon water to help flush out the liver, since lemon also has Vitamin C and a little potassium it helps build a little immunity.
  6. Green Smoothie  – Everyday for the last 3 years I down a glass of green juice along with my breakfast. It contains Beets, Carrot, Apple, Spinach, Ginger, lime and acai. Sometimes I throw in some pineapple or other seasonal fruit. I truly believe drinking this juice has given my immunity a super boost and an extra glow to my skin.

Do drop me a comment below and tell me what changes you have recently made to your Lifestyle or diet.