Divya is a dedicated Wife and Mother as well as  the Co-Founder of The Bandra Baking Company. She is also a dear friend and in many ways my soul sister. Divya is classy & elegant and does everything in her own unique style. Her beautifully decorated home, the way she entertains, the lovely parties she plans, the thoughtful gifts she gives, are all stamped with her personal style. Her beauty and grace is incidental. She exudes old school charm. She has always been a head turner, tall and slim with long gorgeous hair and sharp features. An extremely private and shy person (she just created her Facebook account a month ago!) I am lucky she agreed to appear on my Blog. Thank you Divya !  Read on for more on her everyday style


A typical day  – “Early to bed, early to rise” is my mantra to feel fresh. My daily routine is a combination of factoring my son, Veer’s activities i.e. school and after, devoting time to my family and self. A ‘stay home’ mom includes running all house related chores and spending quality time with my son.

Staying Fit – I believe in walking as a healthy exercise regime. Its something I have advocated over the last 15 years. I prefer to walk while doing my errands simultaneously like grocery shopping and doing chores in the area. I also do yoga thrice a week. It empowers me and keeps me going!!

Diet – A nutritious balance of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins constitutes my daily diet. I’ve been blessed by a fairly good constitution hence I need not be too careful on what I eat. However, eating right goes a long way in staying fit. My love for fruits and vegetables ensure I get my daily fix of antioxidants. ‘An egg a day, keeps you fit to stay’  is a must in my diet. My vices are coffee and chocolate but in moderation.

Style – My personal style is very casual. Fabrics that breathe like cottons and linens are part of my daily wear and perfectly suited to Mumbai Living. Floral prints, Dresses, Denims and many a  White ensemble find a place in my wardrobe. My fascination  for the grace and elegance of lace makes it an old favourite !! My day wear is usually leggings/jeggings,tunics and kurtis,denim and mix and match. For work I prefer Indian and western formals i.e. Chudidar kurtas and business suits. For an evening out I like to wear  a dress and bring out my heels!!

Wardrobe Must-Have’s – My must haves  are denim wear,white jeans is  a personal favourite.I have several of them. Crisp linen shirts, A pencil skirt, Lots of tops to throw on,Tees for comfort  and shorts to beat the heat ! Not to forget the ‘little black dress’ and  of course dresses in various hues. Red is another favourite colour!!

Fragrance – I love floral fragrances in general i.e.Bvlgari – Jasmine Noir, Rose – Paul Smith, Verbena, The Vert & Bigarade from L’Occitane are my favourites. For evenings, I like a classic Chanel 5 or Dior’s  Pure Poison.



Accessorizing – I generally accessorize with earrings and since I’m not very fond of bracelets and neckpieces I ensure my earrings compliment the outfit and stand out with subtlety. I like long dangly earrings like Bali’s, Jhumkas which I team up with both Indian and western wear. I have lots of silver ones from Amprapali. For an outing in the evening I’d like to wear the classic string of pearls. Scarves add a splash of colour to cold, rainy days. I also wear belts which are slim and avoid trimmings and much embellishment in my attire. My footwear is based on comfort, pumps and sandals for everyday and ankle length boots in colder climes. Heels for the evening.


Entertaining – We usually entertain informally and the best times have been impromptu. However, I’ve learnt to ensure a well stocked bar and ‘in house’ cocktail brings much praise!! My husband’s culinary expertise delights…short eats and Hors d’oeuvres are very popular.Guests who are a ‘like minded’ group makes the party!! Prior meal planning and organizing with everything in place goes a long way in ensuring a successful party! A good table setting, flowers, candles and music are enhancers to the ambience.

Home – My home is inspired by a quaint, colonial style. I have my mother to thank for all the wonderful pieces of furniture collected over the years. I’ve managed to put together pieces that avoid clutter in an apartment setting. Soft furnishings are a mix of cotton/silk. I’ve chosen the colour aquamarine blue for my sofa in the living room inspired by living by the ocean and its harmony.I’m inspired by all natural elements in décor ensuring there is plenty of sunlight within our home  and least obstruction to verdant views outside.


Me Time – Over the years, while living alone, I’ve learnt to enjoy time on my own. I take a little time each day to reflect,it brings a sense of peace and quiet. I love to unwind reading a good book or watching a movie. An avid nature lover,I find  a stroll in the park therapeutic! I enjoy catching up with friends/family over a meal.

Staying in Touch – I keep in touch with my loved ones, associates, friends/family on the phone and via mail.However I still feel meeting in person is the best way to strengthen a bond.






Travel  – I’m passionate about travelling and wish I had wings to fly! Italy,Turkey have been memorable holidays and Africa, Bali, Hawaii,Kashmir with my parents have been unforgettable  vacations. On my holiday destination wish list: Greece, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Australia, South Africa ,Caribbean to name a few..


Divya’s Life Mantras – Stay positive. “Life is beautiful and must be cherished”


Style advice – Myriad styles and trends in fashion keep changing. Be comfortable in your skin, be confident and you ‘ll be able to carry off any attire with élan.




You can follow Divya via her Facebook Page at The Bandra Baking Company here.