Woman of Style and Substance



Rohina has fabulous hair ! Gorgeous, Lush, Healthy Shiny Hair and Beautiful Eyes.She is also the Creative Head at AA Living, A Blogger, A Mom and the winner of the Indian Décor Influencer Award. I knew of AA living from all the browsing that I do online, but not until I stumbled upon Rohina’s Instagram account did I get intrigued about this Brand. Her Insta Profile is filled  with Beautiful Images and  fascinating insights in to her daily life. This coupled with her beauty and style have ensured that I’m a regular visitor to her Instagram account and Blog. Here Rohina shares with us her style choices, beauty routines and interests. She also shares some valuable advice on work and life. Read On…



A Typical Day

Eggs and fruit as I wake up around 8am, Drop my toddler to nursery,Get to work and get cracking,I also try and factor in some yoga /gym and Instagram / blogging mid-afternoon. Late evenings usually see me back to work,Nights are for getting ignored by my husband and daughter as they only have eyes for each other haha. I sleep by midnight.

Staying Fit

I practice Iyengar yoga, and also go to the gym thrice a week.


We are very healthy at home, vegetarian, with a lot of fruit and vegetables included in our daily menus. We try and incorporate a good balance of protein through tofu, lentil and limiting our dairy to a couple of times a week. That being said, I am a big foodie and when I travel and indulge in anything and everything. I have a weakness for cheese and avocados.

Personal Style

Very comfortable, non restricting clothes. I usually love maxi dresses because there is little effort involved but looks well put together at work. Personally I find that my personal design aesthetic is quite prominent in the store’s design selection and overall look. There is a sort of sync in my designing, my own personal style and home décor. I tend to stay away from large overwhelming prints, synthetic looking fabric, anything that is heavy on stones and sequins and loud contrasting combinations. I loved Coco Chanel’s take on solid colours, understated elegance, play on textures and most importantly designing for comfort. She once quoted “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”


Wear to Work –  Dresses during the day with minimal makeup.

Evenings Out – I usually wear more fitted silhouettes and amp up the makeup  through Smokey eyes and lots of mascara for evenings out.

Must Have Wardrobe Essentials

  • I am crushing on cold shoulder tops at the moment
  • A good pair of skinny ripped jeans
  • A flared maxi skirt that can be dressed up or down
  • A well fitted LBD for when you are in doubt
  • Harem pants for the days when you want to lounge

On Beauty

I think skin and hair has a lot to do with genetics and partly your diet. Eat clean and it ends up reflecting on your over all appearance. Also less is more, I don’t put foundation on a daily basis and stay away from face care routines because they invariably make me breakout. Just a toner / makeup remover after I wash my face with lukewarm water.

Down Time


I love sleeping. There’s nothing more relaxing! I also love watching TV series (my current favourites are Game of Thrones and Gotham), reading and writing poetry, eating out, shopping and browsing through fashion and interior blogs online! I also have a very active Instagram account @aa.living where I blog about interesting art, DIY’s and interior finds.




My all time favourite city is London, the energy is incredible! I have to visit it at least once a year. Japan is high on my lust list at the moment, and I’m also hoping to revisit Amsterdam and Paris sometime soon.

Work Ethic 

Don’t be busy. Just be productive. “If I had 6 hours to cut down a tree. I’d spend the first 4 sharpening the saw” – Abraham Lincoln


Style Advice for the multi-faceted woman of today

Be laid back yet put together. Comfort is key as we are taking on so many different roles through the day.

Staying Sane while Managing Daily Challenges

You’re the average of the five people you associate with the most, so make sure you surround yourself with people that support you and your venture.

Advice to Women Entrepreneurs who are just starting out 

Passion changes everything. If you have a passion project, that’s what you should focus on. Just because you’ve heard a certain business is a cash cow, doesn’t mean you will be successful at it. You have zero passion, zero experience, and a whole lot of competition. You already know what you love–find a way for it to make you money.


You can follow Rohina on Instagram here and via  her Blog at http://www.aa-living.com/blog